Oakland Poet Porsche Kelly to be Spoken Word Artist at Practical Activism

July 26, 2016


Porsche Kelly

Porsche Kelly Shares Her Truth at Upcoming Practical Activism Conference

Porsche Kelly, a spoken word artist from Oakland, performs gut-wrenching, heartfelt poetry bursting with passion for social justice, including fighting against racism, sexism, and human trafficking. In 2015, she joined Freedom Speaks, a group of artists using poetry, music, and dance to convey messages of hope, justice, and faith. 

Poem by Porsche Kelly

While Porsche calls herself "The Poetic Activist", she writes about an array of topics: God and faith, freedom, hope, social justice, peace, love and romance, and more. Her aim is to speak truth with raw and transparent lyrics, share the message of freedom, hope, and love, and inspire others to rise up and fight for justice.

Check out more of her poetry here: http://thepoeticactivist.com