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Practical Activism is a day-long conference featuring speakers, performance, interactive workshops, and a variety of hands-on creative activities and opportunities on a wide range of social justice issues. The conference serves to provide information, tools, and opportunities to generate local and global change. Practical Activism is coordinated, planned, and implemented by a group of passionate students from College Nine and John R Lewis College.

The goal of the Practical Activism Conference is to open spaces for dialogue and inclusion, for active discussion of serious issues, for questioning our privileges and assumptions, for constructive and critical engagement. As such, it is a space in which we welcome discussions of gender, sexuality, power, oppression, and the problems of heteronormativity. The student-designed and facilitated workshops at Practical Activism commonly address these and many other difficult issues that concern our community.

For a detailed overview of how PAC plays out please visit the PAC 2022 archives page.

What is PAC?

Thanks to former Practical Activism Conference Planner, Jenn Figueroa, for this video on what Practical Activism means to the planners, participants, and performers.

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