About Practical Activism Conference

Practical Activism is a day-long conference led and organized by students from College Nine, College Ten, and Oakes College, University of California Santa Cruz with the guidance of Wendy Baxter, Director of Academic and Co-Curricular Programs at College Nine and College Ten.

The previous Practical Activism Conferences have been highly successful venues for education, activism, and networking. Several keynote speakers have been featured including Angela Davis, Zahra Billoo, the Molotov Mouths, Daniel “Nane” Alejandrez, Boots Riley, Bettina Aptheker, Aaronette White, Darrick Smith, and Eden Silva Jequinto.

Through the years of Practical Activism, over 150 workshops have been implemented, covering such diverse topics as art and activism, the criminal justice system, global gender issues, voting injustices, diversity in education, immigration, military, UC involvement with nuclear bombs, UC tuition hikes, sexual assault, homelessness, and student movements. Additionally, Practical Activism serves as a venue for local art displays and tabling by campus and community organizations. Evaluations of the conference are consistently extremely positive. This conference also offers an excellent leadership opportunity for student planners who work together for over six months to develop and plan all components of the project. Planners are able to improve communication, teamwork, leadership, organizational, research, and follow-up skills. This conference is an important component of increasing student, faculty, and community interaction. Practical Activism aims to provide resources for students, faculty, and community members to become more active with social justice issues in Santa Cruz and beyond.