Featured 2015 Workshop-Exposing the Truth: Using Media for Social Change

October 24, 2015


The purpose of the workshop was:

  • to introduce the community to the idea of using journalism to create social change.
  • to explore various forms of journalism to see haw each one is used in the activism context.
  • to challenge attendees to learn new skills and gain applicable knowledge about journalism's intersection with social change.

The first presenter, Leslie Lopez teaches in UCSC's Latin American and Latino/a Studies Department, the Writing Program, and the Education Department. Leslie emphasized the fact that one needent be a professional to take action through journalism. Notably, Ms. Lopez has taught a class called "Latino/as in the News (Reporting in Santa Cruz County.) Keep an eye out for her classes!

The second presenter, Edgar Ontiveros of the website Nopal Media, spoke passionately about how their website is "dedicated to creating media for the purpose of sharing untold stories and supporting grassroots work" (Nopal Media Facebook). Nopal media's site is full of colorful, cultural, and community oriented photos that depict everything from children painting murals in the Beach Flats community to local Folklórico dance performances. 

The practical component of this workshop was the introduction of the American Civil Liberties Union's (ACLU) MobileJusticeCA app, which encourages users to submit recordings of law enforcement encounters directly to the ACLU. Mobile Justice CA states, "You have the right to film law enforcement," and the app, "makes it easier for community members to hold law enforcement agencies accountable for their actions." Check it out!

Overall, the workshop was full of good examples of theory and practice related to how all citizens can use journalistic means to create social change.

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