Every participant can attend two of the nine workshops listed below, one from Block 1 (1:00pm-2:15pm) and one from Block 2 (2:25pm-3:40pm). 

Block 1

Showing Up for the Transgender Community: Allyship in a Transphobic Society
This interactive, panel-style workshop will educate cisgender people about the complex intricacies of allyship to the transgender community and explore the responsibility and accountability of cisgender individuals in allyship to transgender people. Tangible action items will be offered to counter and dismantle transphobic language, policies, and structures.

DACA and TPS in the Trump Era
The Trump administration has been using both DACA and TPS to wage a war on immigration. A panel of speakers will respond to audience questions and provide resources and tips on how to be an ally to the undocumented community.

Protesting 101
Students can be a driving force for social change! In this workshop we will share practical tips and methods for organizing, mobilizing and participating safely in protests. We will provide an historical context and compare past methods to current practices. Empower yourself with the tools, knowledge, and resources to plan actions for your community or cause.

The Untold Story: Life After Incarceration
Harsh barriers persist against formerly incarcerated individuals, including limited access to financial aid, job certifications, public housing, and other resources. This workshop aims to break stigmas and inform attendees about ways in which formerly incarcerated and/or system-impacted persons can access higher education and other re-entry programs.

Food Systems and Critical Consumption
Explore issues of local food access and the environmental and human impacts of our food systems. We will also discuss practical ways to critically consume food products to mitigate the damage that the food industry causes.

Block 2

Police Brutality and Militarization of Police
James Burch from the Anti-Police Terror Project will explore the power dynamics and militarization that have led to police brutality, discuss the realities and impact of police forces on communities of color, and share resources that de-center the police when keeping communities safe.

Gentrification and Displacement in Santa Cruz County
Santa Cruz is in the midst of housing crises brought by gentrification and displacement. This workshop aims to empower tenants and participants with resources informing them of their rights and organizations they can get involved in to combat housing injustices. Questions of affordable housing and laws surrounding housing and rent will be discussed.

Intersectional Perspectives on #MeToo
Focused on reframing the #MeToo movement with an intersectional lens, this workshop will shed light on the many communities that have historically been left without a voice in the fight against gender-based violence. The focus will primarily be on undocumented women, Indigenous women and students of color.

Environmental Refugee Crisis
From natural disasters to rising climates to deforestation, many people are forced to leave their homelands. The reasons for and repercussions of this displacement are complex. Join speakers from the International Rescue Committee for a look at some of the social, political and environmental forces that create refugee crises. Learn about the refugee experience through a first-hand account and explore some of the local organizations that are serving refugees and the ways you can get involved.

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It's good to be GREEN(ER)!
This year's Practical Activism Conference will continue our long standing tradition with strong sustainability inniatives! We encourage you to bring your own cup for coffee and water, utilize our Zero Waste bins to dispose of your snack trash, download our program on your phone, and provide feedback through our online form to reduce paper watse.
Stay Pac'n!