Every participant can attend two of the nine workshops listed below, one from Block 1 (1:00pm-2:15pm) and one from Block 2 (2:25pm-3:40pm). Descriptions of the workshops and which block they will occur during will be posted later. 

Intersectional Perspectives on #MeToo

DACA and TPS in the Trump Era

Practical Protesting 101

Environmental Refugee Crisis

Food Systems and Critical Consumption

Police Brutality and Militarization of Police

Dismantling Transphobia through Allyship

Gentrification and Displacement in Santa Cruz County

The Untold Story: Life After Incarceration

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It's good to be GREEN(ER)!
This year's Practical Activism Conference will continue our long standing tradition with strong sustainability inniatives! We encourage you to bring your own cup for coffee and water, utilize our Zero Waste bins to dispose of your snack trash, download our program on your phone, and provide feedback through our online form to reduce paper watse.
Stay Pac'n!